Team Building


Man is social being thus needs to interact with people. Almost every individual has experienced, in one way or another, how it is work in a group – from his childhood games to wherever he is now earning his living. Unfortunately, not every group succeeds in its objectives or goals. Failure is a possible consequence whenever we get into a challenge. However, we can avoid this much-dreaded “failure” if every member of group, without fail, exercises Teamwork.

Yes, every group of people must not only work as a group, where every individual work for his own advantage, but instead, everyone should work as part of team – where he / she is working towards a common goal. When these ‘small contribution’ build up, success is hardly unforeseen able.

These games are specially designed to foster team building by putting the participants through a series of physical and mental activities in controlled mission-environment. This method of experiential learning is a proven that promotes intra team communication and adaptability of individual that leads to improved productivity.


The company will split to groups and members of the group had their own mission / message to accomplish. This game will put the participants through a series of physical exercise and yet pushing the group’s teamwork.

  1. Pedals Challenger / Cycling
  2. A Paddle-Powered Journey / Kayaking
  3. An Elegant Runner / Tri-Leg Race
  4. The Accidental Hero / Archery


This is a ‘words puzzle’ game. The participants have to complete the questionnaires (all these questions really test your ‘IQ’ and general knowledge) and move around to solve the clues.


This is a modified game as you seen in television “The Amazing Race”. Participants will move around  without any map and directions. They have to asking the people around to find their destinations.


This is a modified treasure hunt game. Using the ‘SMS’ method to accomplished the missions. The objective is to strengthen the team spirit among the participants and improve the ability to solve problem as a team.